Ephesians 4:24-32

“Step 6” – “We need to forgive those who have harmed us and make an amends for harm we’ve done to others –except when doing so will  harm them or others.”

Confession – There’s just something special about it –when it’s okay to feel sorry and to admit it and to hear “you’re forgiven,” and to feel and be forgiven – (don’t confine it to a booth)

I confess – I must learn to be forgiving! (to those who hurt me)

“People who feel forgiven find it easier to forgive”
Bitterness only works against you – (acid in you)

A. Confess the pain – “it hurt me when… (Matthew 18:15)
B. Release them – let it go (continually) (Matthew 18:21-22

I confess…I must learn to be forgiven! – (by those whom I have hurt)

Why? Because I live for myself far to often- (Hebrews 12:14-15)

A. Make a list of those I’ve hurt
a. Debt owed   b. Abuse   c. Lie   d. Gossip    e. Manipulation    f. Stole

B.  Approach them – with the right spirit and attitude (humility) Luke 6:31
* Be appropriate – An apology should not cause more pain/harm

Whose responsibility is it to initiate forgiveness? Offender or offended?  The person done wrong or the one who did wrong… YOU! that’s who

I confess…I need the friendship of forgivers!

Avoid bitter people – resentful – angry (Proverbs 22:24 / Psalms 1:1)
* Carnal People – worldly – Romans 12:2
Make friends with God’s people (Proverbs27:17)