Article by Pastor Patrick Nix

Are you the kind of person that needs to know how something works or why you’re supposed to do it that way?  I have asked the same questions myself. “Why do I have to go to church?”  “Why Sunday?”  “What’s the big deal about church anyway?”  I commend you for asking good questions.  We need to understand two things: God blesses those who obey Him — even without knowing all the answers; secondly, answers are for our benefit, not God’s.
Drug Problem
I recently read an article about a ‘different kind of drug problem’ that has actually helped people.  The drugs are potent — more powerful than what some are dabbling in today.  And, believe it or not, these drugs are administered by our parents.  I was drugged by the ones who loved me… drug to Sunday School, drug to morning and evening worship, drug to Bible studies… every time the doors were open.  I didn’t go to church by choice; I went because my parents drug me there.  I was also drug to the woodshed when I disobeyed, to the sink to get a ‘mouth-washing’ when I had lied, to the nursing home to sing and encourage the lonely, to the Pastor’s office to tell on myself for destroying church property… the list goes on.  We need parents who will think more of their children than of themselves & ‘drug’ their kids, too!
The Main Thing
Church should be important to us because it is important to God.  Jesus said that He would build His church (Matthew 16:18).  He’s more concerned about its growth and well-being than all the church-growth gurus and pastors combined.  In giving a parable of a merchant who sold everything to buy a ‘pearl of great price,’ Christ taught that He would give everything for a jewel of great value, the church.  The Scriptures teach that Jesus Christ “loved the church and gave Himself for it.”  If it’s that important to God, don’t you think it should be more of a priority to us?  And to answer the question, “How often should I go to church?”  Scripture commands us to increase our frequency of church attendance as the return of Christ gets closer (Hebrews 10:24,25)!

Benefits of a Good Church
Church is our opportunity to show God we love Him (worship).  It is a scheduled time to be encouraged and to build others up also (fellowship). It’s the perfect place to learn more about living right and spiritual growth (discipleship).  In the right kind of church there are plenty of ways to get involved in helping others (service).  And, finally, the church gives us opportunities to be part of God’s plan of reaching the world (outreach).  Let me invite you to a church that has only one goal in mind… for you to know and love God more!