2 Timothy 4

Before the Olympic – the gospel held the Isthmian Games…the most famous and crowd favorite was the relay race…with a twist. Each competitor was given a torch – lit at the starting line. He was to carry it to a team mater runner and he to the next – then to the next and to the next. The winner was not the runner who finished first. It was the one who finished with his torch still lit! The phrase was born: “Let those who have the light pass it on.” I want to run my race with the flame of my torch still lit for Him.

Two finish lines:
1. Death v6
2. second coming v1

Intense passage of scriptures – last words, goodbyes, etc.

1. Fighting the good fight *spiritual battle* (2) (5)
Neh. 8:8 v2 & 5 – need for men of God to stand up and speak the truth & live the truth
(3% of fundamental churches have a midweek Bible study)
(3) (4)
James 1:22 – v 3 & 4 – need for people of God to listen and apply
Hebrews 13:7-17 – Remember, follow, obey, submit…

2. Finishing your Course * Paul’s personal testimony *
V6 – Paul was ready for death (“departure”) move – RU?
(Phil. 1:20-21) Paul was prepared to give his life for Christ
V7 Acts 20:24 – How movable am I ? How dear to myself am I ?
V8 Christ can’t wait to see us…can you? (Luke 12:37)

3. Keeping the Faith *being faithful*
• V10 – Hardest part about serving Christ: other Christians (Philemon 24)
• (John 16:32) V11-12 – Enduring loneliness for Christ (v16) & evil opposition (14-15)
• V13 – A student until the end…books (mental) & parchments (spiritual)
• V17-18 – The Lord has been with me, used me, and protected me…& He will continue

Deut. 20:1,4