Article by Larry Dennison

Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD           – Psalm 33:12

I have always believed that America is a nation that is abundantly blessed by God. I still do. While some Americans will have different opinions based on personal circumstances, the fact still remains that we are blessed. Even the poorest among us are rich when compared to the people of many other nations. We have prosperity, opportunity, and freedoms many in the world have never had. That’s why so many desire to come to America. America is a blessed nation!
Why are we so blessed? There are several reasons, but there is one foundational reason upon which all others are supported. The verse above says it all. America was founded upon Judaeo-Christian principles. America is a nation whose God has been THE LORD. Our blessings, prosperity, and standing in the world have come because of this spiritual principle. Likewise, America’s continued blessing will depend upon our continued adherance to this important principle. How we as a nation reverence the God of the Bible and Jesus; His only begotten Son, will determine our continued blessing. For as we believe verse 12 as a principle, certainly it’s reciprocal will also be just as true. “Cursed is the nation whose God is NOT the Lord.” Many of us mourn the sins of our nation and the direction we see it going because we know it IS bringing a curse.

May we all revive our love and reverence for our nation’s God.  Let us realize as verses 16 & 17 of Psalm 33 tells us, that kings, even nations are not saved by great strength, but by the Lord. His eye is upon those who reverence Him and have hope in His mercy. Let’s pray.

God Almighty, Forgive our nation’s sins. Forgive our personal sins. Cleanse us from all unrighteousness through the blood of your Son, Jesus. Bring us to that place of humble conviction that your Word is true no matter what anyone may say. Our hope, our help, our protection, our future is in YOU.
In Jesus’ name.  Amen.