Youth Ministry Leader, Kevin Winchenbach, gives parents plain teaching about how to help your teenager find God’s will for their life.  (This advice is good for any age – even adults!)

So many people, young and old, have asked the question, “What is God’s will for my life?”  I ask it often as I drive down the road during my day.  Some struggle with it.  We often hear people say, “I’m trying to find God’s will for my life” or “I don’t know what the Lord’s will is for my life.”

I recently read that it’s not up to us to find His will for our lives as much as it’s up to Him to lead us into it.  Our primary responsibility is to be able to be led – to stay soft-hearted, sensitive, surrendered and right with Him so He can guide us day by day.  The closer you are to God the more of His will you will see.  Are you walking with God or away from God?

If you are not walking with the Lord day by day, then why should God feel obligated to reveal His will to someone who has no intention of following it?