1 Timothy 5

This chapter deals with three most common problems that cause division and split a church…the church is a team! It needs to be a unit – a whole- acting as one!
Judges 20:1, 8, 11 All for one, one for all
*crisis brought unity, (someone in hospital, casket, accident – gets family together

1. v1-8 Our church is a family
a. v1-2 – treat people in this family like the perfect family
b. In word, in money (their need) v8
• if you wouldn’t curse in front of your mom
• if you wouldn’t lust after your sister
• if you wouldn’t gossip about your father
• if you would forgive your brother

2. V 9-18 our church’s money is God’s money
– -can I tell you what the Bible says?
• v9 – The church is not a charity organization – Jesus fed those who felt loved
• v11 – The church is not a replacement for welfare – widow indeed, we are to help disabled, elderly Christians who’s families will not care for them v/o- committed
• v17-18 – Main investment – leadership – *keep him, *care for him Deut. 25:4
Not a social organization, but a spiritual organization – disabled, elderly and or phoned James 1:27

3. V 19-25 our church needs to remain pure
* V 19-20 – accusation/blame /gossip – if your pastor/leader goes the extra mile to be blameless – they should have to go the extra mile to blame – 2 or 3 witnesses!
* give him the benefit of doubt – don’t be stupid – but true: why? Because of the great accuser Deut.17:6
* v21 – partiality
1. have two sets of expectations
2. being inconsistent with preferences (men’s meeting – stay longer, go farther)
3. playing favorites
• v 23 – Timothy – take care of yourself – makes himself vulnerable to criticism
• v24-25 – Good works – needs to come out – be manifest/uncovered – Honor
Not all sins need to come out – private – need to stay private, public need to be dealt with publicly (v20, v24)