1 Timothy 3

Introduction to Church Leadership: There are two offices mentioned in the Bible (Phil. 1:1): pastors and deacons. Each one serves a purpose and is necessary in healthy, growing churches.

1. The Pastor
a. Various Names & Responsibilities (Eph. 4:11; 1 Tim. 5:17; Titus 1:7)

i. Pastor – means “shepherd” – relates to his responsibility to feed and protect the flock (includes watching, warning, searching…)
ii. Elder – means “aged” – refers to his leadership duties to be mature, to provide a vision, and to be a source of counsel and wisdom
iii. Bishop – means “overseer” – implies that God is using him to search out man’s character , placing certain them in authority and leadership within the church

b. Necessary Characteristics & Qualifications (1 Timothy 3:1-7)
i. Blameless – means “without handles” to be pulled down (easily accused)
1. honest about his faults – not a ‘mystery man’
2. making himself accountable to others
3. safeguards to remove reproach in relationships & finances
His Heart:
ii. Vigilant – watchful, not giving his attention to any other influence
iii. Sober – having self-control; temperance
iv. Good behavior – well-arranged; an ordered appearance & schedule
v. Given to hospitality – generous to guests, welcoming, hospitable
vi. Not given to wine – not a drunk, an addict, or a compulsive person
vii. No striker – not quarrelsome or contentious, not looking for a fight
viii. Not greedy of filthy lucre – not motivated by money (materialistic)
ix. Patient – gentle, mild, fair, not rash
x. Not a brawler – not feeling invincible; not to be stood against
xi. Not covetous – not loving things more than people
His Home:
xii. Husband of one wife – he is committed to her, she is committed to him
xiii. Ruling his own house – guarding your home; providing for family
xiv. …Children – training obedience with respect
His Spirit:
xv. Not a novice – not a new Christian (newly planted)
xvi. Apt to teach – skillful in teaching spiritual & Biblical truth ***
xvii. Good report…without – a good name among the un-churched

2. The Deacon

a. Name, Responsibilities, & Importance of Deacons (Acts 6:1-7)
i. A deacon is a servant: “one who executes the commands of another.”
ii. Need for deacons grew from a cry of the people and pastors for help
iii. Deacons were servants, standing between pastors and people

b. Necessary Characteristics & Qualifications (1 Timothy 3:8-13)
i. Of Good Report – with a good testimony, a credible witness
ii. Full of Holy Ghost – empty of self and desiring to be used by God
iii. Full of wisdom – mental competence to know and learn a variety of things
iv. Grave – honorable, strong character and integrity
v. Not double-tongued – saying one thing here & another there (deceitful)
vi. Not given to much wine – not sidetracked by substances or influences
vii. Not greedy of filthy lucre – not greedy for gain, motivated by wealth
viii. Pure conscience – motivated in God’s work by love, not by guilt
ix. Proved & Blameless (past is reputable / future is committed)
x. Husband of one wife (she is honorable, not a gossip, self-controlled, & dependable)
xi. Ruling children – providing for & protecting family from spiritual dangers