1 Timothy 2

Relay Race – in the starting blocks, listening for the gun
• Starts affect finishes (the end)
• Starts affect races (the middle)

V1-2 Starting a Church Ministry Right – with Prayer

• We often start with preparation, planning, surveys, fundraising…
• Zech 4:6 –Spiritual things happen by the spirits power – not manpower, energy, think tanks, brute force – it’s God!

V3-7 Starting a New Life Right – with Salvation
• Salvation is a decision that comes from a revelation
• Coming to the knowledge – then responding – faith, repentance (v5 & 6)
• John 3:16-17,36; I John 5:11-12

V8-12 Starting a Marriage Right – with role-players
• Men, husbands, dads – pay, clean, surrendered, without anger and unbelief
• Women, wives, moms – modest, blush, inner beauty, fellowship
• V12 – these roles bleed over into the church – preaching, teaching, leading
• I Peters 3:3-4, 7; Ephesians 5:21

V13-15 Starting a Family Right – with Obedience
• God’s start in the garden gives us some help in our homes
• Provide a peaceable environment without all the choices for evil – (radio this morning)
• Understand the difference between rebellion and deception
• Teaching them the consequences of wrong
• Training them with certain attributes: faith, love, purity, and seriousness
• Deut. 6:7-9