God’s Relay Race – 1 Timothy 1

I want to get your attention…to hear the truth…truth is Powerful

The Race is Important!

• V1 – “commandment” God started it
• V3 – “doctrine” – who we run for
• V6-7 – “swerved” – What’s at stake – souls
1. events (sports) with all the ta-da
2. This event is eternal…ta-da’s later!

The Race has Rules!
V8-10 II Timothy 2:5
• Rules and regulations – 14 in this passage – see Olympics 08 website…wow
• I Corinthians 6:19 – Keep it as fair as possible – (steroids /drug use) – your body is a temple of God
• Exodus 13:16 – Keep people honest (cheating – short-cutting) – on wife, on employer,
• Mark 2:27 – Keep you safe (hurting self or others) sometimes in an effort to get ahead we endanger ourselves or neighbors. (Sabbath) Violations are called sins *maybe consequences!

Our Coach is Awesome!
V 12-17
• I’m not the coach – I’m maybe a team captain – coaches are special
• Coach approves team members, elects captains, tells who to do what, give instructions and orders
• Our coach has integrity – He knows what’s best for team, always acting in teams interest – (unlike Muhammad) Mal. 3:6
• Our coach knows how to coach – He’s a good coach…knows how the game works, who needs to play when, patient of future. Hebrews 12:2
• I’m glad I’m on the team! Ain’t you??? John 9:12

Romans 1:16 Introducing the Baton…v11 – red papers – outside – write what to pass on, inside – what to pass it on to